Consensus Review & Target Check on The Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN)

The Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN) currently has an A verage Broker Rating of 1.45. This number is based on the 19 sell-side firms polled by Zacks. The ABR rank within the industry stands at 38. Analysts on a consensus basis are expecting that the stock will reach $2083.33 within the year.  The ABR is provided by Zacks which simplfies analyst ratings into an integer based number. They use a one to five scale where they translate brokerage firm Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations into an average broker rating. A low number in the 1-2 range typically indicates a Buy, 3 represents a Hold and 4-5 represents a consensus Sell rating. 

An evaluation of a stock’s expected performance and/or its risk level as judged by a rating agency such as Standard and Poor’s. A stock rating will usually tell the investor how well a stock’s market value relates to what analysts believe is a fair value for the stock, based on an objective evaluation of the company. The greater the amount by which the fair value exceeds the market value, the more highly recommended a buy the stock is. Conversely, if the market value of the stock exceeds the fair value of the stock, then analysts recommend that the stock be sold.

Investors will be trying to gauge which way stock market momentum will shift as we head into the close of the calendar year. Some may be of the mindset that the bears will be taking over shortly. Others may be super bullish and ready for the market to make a further run higher. Trying to predict which way the tide will shift is no easy task. Being prepared for any situation that arises is a god way to combat the uncertainty that always follows the market. Being prepared can help the investor make quick, tough decisions when the time comes. Many investors may have already figured out that holding onto losers for too long can be damaging for the portfolio. They may have also realized that holding onto winners too long can also have negative effects. Finding that perfect buy/sell balance can end up being the difference between a good portfolio and a great one.

Research analysts are predicting that The Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN) will report earnings of $15.65 per share when the firm issues their next quarterly report. This is the consensus earnings per share number according to data from Zack’s Research.

Most recently The Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN) posted quarterly earnings of $15.14 which compared to the sell-side estimates of 34.3. The stock’s 12-month trailing earnings per share stands at $70.41. Shares have moved $2.62 over the past month and more recently, $1.67 over the past week heading into the earnings announcement. There are 11 analyst projections that were taken into consideration from respected brokerage firms.

The Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN) closed the last session at $1920.2 and sees an average of 350793.16 shares trade hands in each session. The 52-week low of the stock stands at $1424.28 while the current level stands at 79.38% of the 52-week High-Low range. Looking further out we can see that the stock has moved -3.61% over the past 12 weeks and 30.98% year to date.

16 analysts rate The Priceline Group Inc. a Buy or Strong Buy, which is 84.21% of all the analyst ratings.

One of the most important factors that investors look at when examining stocks is the consistency of earnings results. When the quarterly earnings report is released, investors watch closely to see if the company is performing up to expectations. A company that fails to meet projections may see large price swings following the report. Of course one bad quarter may not signal trouble, but a company that continually disappoints during earnings season may need to be further examined to help figure out what is going on. Experienced investors will closely watch stock price movements before and after earnings events in order to gain a truer understanding of how the market is reacting to the reports.

This article is informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell the stock.

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